We are proud to be leading the introduction of our beautiful beloved Japanese Akita Inu breed on our Australian shores, with our hard work importing, exhibiting and breeding quality Champion bloodlines.

Our focus is to breed impressive Akita Inus, conforming to the Japanese breed standard with outstanding temperaments and overall soundness, to make exceptional family members in Australian homes. Our breeding dogs undergo health screening and temperament testing as well. 

We are excited to share that we were entrusted with the honour and privilege to import IRISH CHAMPION TYCON BEEN THERE DONE THAT (IMP UK), who was the first overseas Champion of this breed in Australia as well as the first brindle Akita (Japanese) ever registered in Australia, since the breed split where the Akita (Japanese) was officially recognised in 2012 by the ANKC. 

Additionally, her daughter, TYCON CAUGHT YA LOOKIN (IMP UK), followed her arrival and through this beautiful girl we produced the first ever registered brindle Akita (Japanese) born in Australia, SHINKON NO ZENREI GO (AI). We are also proud to announce Shinkon's first titled Akita (Japanese) is Australian Champion SHINKON NO MIKI GO, whose stunning Japanese Akita puppies were selected to feature in one of Australia's leading pet magazines.