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What should I use for flea and tick protection for my Japanese Akita Inu?

We have tried and tested different methods for Japanese Akita flea and tick protection and the method we have stuck to for our Japanese Akita flea and tick prevention is the Bravecto chew, which is ingested rather than applied topically to their skin. The Japanese Akita as a breed can have sensitive skin so we do not like to apply the chemical type parasite prevention directly onto their skin. flea and tick protection. Bravecto is given as flea and tick control for your Japanese Akita once every 3-4 months. We recommend that you buy your Japanese Akita flea and tick control to prevent your Japanese Akita from fleas and ticks as they are very harmful parasites to them. We have never had a bad reaction with Bravecto use from our own Japanese Akitas, but if your Japanese Akita has an allergic reaction to the Bravecto chew, such as getting rashes or vomiting after taking it, then discontinue use and feel free to contact us for alternative suggestions on what could help with your Japanese Akita flea and tick protection needs, or you can check out this article that outlines what else you can use along with their pros and cons, best combinations and what to watch out for regarding parasite protection for the Japanese Akita.

The best price we have found for Bravecto for our Japanese Akitas is from the supplier below. What is even better is that they offer free shipping for their flea and tick protection! So order your Bravecto chews by clicking on the VetSupply link below to protect your Japanese Akita from fleas and ticks today!