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We are the most experienced and knowledgeable registered breeders and dog trainers of the Japanese Akita breed in Australia and we would love to help you with creating the best life for you and your Japanese Akita Inu! We produce extraordinary Japanese Akita puppies, provide exceptional after-care and dog training services, perform excellent pet minding, and more!
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Pioneering the establishment of Japan's National Treasure, the Akita Inu, on our Australian shores!

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We are currently accepting applications from loving families who wish to adopt our Japanese Akita pups. If you think you can offer one of our Japanese Akita puppies a loving home, then we'd like to hear from you!

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Japanese Akita Inu Australia is dedicated to our beloved breed, we continue to learn and grow as a team, to make sure that we provide outstanding dogs to all of our adopters.  

"Hiro our beautiful Akita, came into our family about 8 months ago as a sweet, playful and adorable puppy and has grown into the most loving, loyal, playful and handsome pup.
Seeing him grow and transform into the best Akita he can be has been a pleasure. Hiro has made our life richer and are totally in love with Him. Ramona and Rojean"

Rojean V. QLD