About Us:

Anthony Hartshorn:
Anyone who knows Anthony sees his undeniable love of nature and animals, which he developed as a result of being surrounded by their splendour while growing up on five acres in the beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia. It is no surprise then, that his undeniable love, passion, bond, care, mutual trust, respect and understanding for his Japanese Akita Inus shine through just as immensely, leading him to be complimented and fondly nicknamed “The Akita Whisperer” by adopters of our puppies. As a professional dog trainer and animal behaviourist, Anthony is the most experienced and only Japanese Akita Inu specialist in this field throughout the whole of Australia, and has helped dozens of people gain a better understanding and bond with their beloved Japanese Akita Inus.

Angelica Hartshorn:
Angelica is an individual who not only is passionate about everything that she does but also strongly believes in helping others to the best of her ability. Being a daughter of retired vets and a qualified teacher, Angelica inherited a love of animals and uses her skills as an educator to help the amazing network of Japanese Akita Inu families she's built with her dedicated team. Ensuring that you are supported for the life of your pup and that you have a fantastic experience with your special Japanese Akita Inu family member is her mission that she always goes above and beyond the call of duty to fulfil.

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